In Situ Measurement of the Permeability of Concrete to Chloride Ions


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Title: In Situ Measurement of the Permeability of Concrete to Chloride Ions

Author(s): D. Whiting

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 82


Appears on pages(s): 501-524

Keywords: (plastic); measurement; nondestructive tests; permeability; chlorides- electronic instruments; latex polymer concretes; resurfacing.

Date: 9/1/1984

An electronic device and test procedure which can be used to rapidly assess the permeability of various types of concrete to chloride ions is described. The method consists of monitoring the amount of electrical current passed through a test area on a concrete slab when a potential difference of 80 Vdc is maintained across the specimen for a period of six hours. Chloride ions are forced to migrate out of a sodium chloride solution subjected to a negative charge through the concrete towards reinforcing steel maintained at a positive potential. Development of a prototype device and testing on small scale laboratory slabs of ordinary portland cement concrete, latex modified concrete, internally sealed concrete, dense (‘@Iowa) concrete, polymer impregnated, and polymer concrete are des-In addition, field trials carried out on a conventional concrete deck and a deck overlaid with dense Iowa) concrete are discussed. The method has been found to give a good correlation with long-~ term ponding data on companion concrete slabs. It can be used as a quality control tool for new construction or as a means of 6 monitoring permeability of structures currently in-service.