Early Age Concrete Strength Determination by Pullout Testing and Maturity


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Title: Early Age Concrete Strength Determination by Pullout Testing and Maturity

Author(s): Thomas J. Parsons and Tarun R. Naik

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 82


Appears on pages(s): 177-200

Keywords: age-strength relation; compressive strength; concretes; nondestructive tests; pullout tests; regression analysis; water-cement ratio.

Date: 9/1/1984

This paper reports results of an investigation of the use of pullout testing and the maturity method to predict the early age strength of concrete. Concrete specimens, composed of 12 variations of 2 cement types, 2 aggregate types, and 3 water-cement cured at different temperatures: 37OF (2.8°C), and the outdoor environ-Cylinder compression and pullout tests were performed on specimens at ages ranging from 12 to 168 hours (7 days). Regression equations for cylinder strength and maturity, and pullout force and maturity are developed where the maturity is modified by changing the datum temperature from -10° C to 0° C to improve the predictive capabilities. A model for the prediction of the cylinder strength in terms of maturity is developed, as well as a oncrete strength by the pullout ombining cylinder strength and The reliability of the pullout model was affected by the comparative rates of strength gain of the cylindrical specimens and the slab specimens.