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Title: Fire Performance of Various Concretes Deduced from Strain Measurements During First Heating

Author(s): P. J. E. Sullivan and G. A. Khoury

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 92


Appears on pages(s): 175-196

Keywords: concretes; fires; heating; measurement; performance; permeability; strains, stresses; temperature; thermal properties

DOI: 10.14359/6518

Date: 6/1/1986

Generalised response curves for the transient thermal strain behaviour of concrete have been developed from a series of tests employing a wide range of materials and a lower than normal heating , rate. The latter allowed detailed assessment of underlying "material" behaviour to be made which was not complicated by "structural" effects that develop at a fast heating rate. The temperature, stress and moisture conditions within a cylindrical test specimen have been investigated and a study of the behaviour of individual constituents has confirmed that aggregate thermal stability is a critical factor. Thermal strains during virgin heating were separated into "Free" and "Load Induced" components possessing different and distinct properties allowing successful prediction of residual strains. A master with te m first h analysis the mast While t effect 0 clearly sensitiv thermal curve connecting Load Induced perature up to 450°C was found eating for different concretes of heated concrete structures er curve signified onset of c ransient creep did not occur duringf cracking caused bv thermal inc evident. Strain measurements, the indicators cycle. of damage taking Thermal Strain to exist during thus simplifying Departure from concrete damage. ing cooling, the ompatibility was harefore, proved place during the


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