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Title: Polymer-Modif ied Concrete for Overlays: Strength and Deformation Characteristics

Author(s): Jitendra K. Bhargava

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 69


Appears on pages(s): 205-218

Keywords: compressive stre properties; deformation; mi cast concrete; resurfacing; tensile strength; thermal s ngth; concrete cconstruction; creep x proportioning; shear strength; tresses. polymer c o n c r e t e ; pre-shrinkage; stresses;

Date: 8/1/1981

Problems such as raised edges, "blow-ups" or even cracking have been observed in concrete overlays cast on precast concrete elements. These failures are due to the shrinkage, creep and thermal effects in the new concrete. To improve the perfor-mance of concrete in such slabs the tensile and shear strain ca-pacity of concrete has to be improved. This report gives the results of different tests made to study the effect of polymer modification on the properties of concrete. Both the strength and deformation characteristics of concrete under different kinds of loading were significantly improved by polymers. With its higher tensile and shear strength, and lower shrinkage, polymer-modified concrete should be a viable and attractive alter-native for concrete overlays and similar constructions.


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