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Title: Research Requirements for Concrete in Marine Environments ncrete

Author(s): Ben C. Gerwick, Jr.

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 65


Appears on pages(s): 577-588

Keywords: climate; cold weather tests; concrete durability; concrete piles; harbor structures; fatigue (materials); impact; marine atmospheres; offshore structures; prestressed concrete; research.

Date: 8/1/1980

Concrete structures are being increasingly utilized for a wide variety of applications in the marine environment. As the structures become more sophisticated (e.g., prestressed); and as they are located in areas of more severe exposure (e.g., ice, open sea, etc.), subjected to dynamic cyclic and impact loads, their performance requirements have become increasingly severe and critical. A great deal of relevant research has been carried on in recent years as an outgrowth of the extensive use of concrete platforms in the North Sea and the Netherlands Delta Plan. A summary of these research programs furnishes a useful starting point. In addition, there are a number of proprietary programs from which the results are not yet publicly available. Important problems still remain. These can be divided into five categories: (a) relating to internal response of the structural ele-ments, (b) relating to the environmental conditions and forces under which the structure must serve, relating to new materials and configurations, (d) relating to construction practices, including repairs, and (e) relating to new uses in the ocean. Concrete is destined to play an increasingly important role in man's expansion into the oceans. A strong and viable research program is a necessary ingredient of this evolving technology, in order to ensure optimal performance.


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