Cold Weather Cement Grouting and Post Tensioning -Hauser Lake Dam, Montana


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Title: Cold Weather Cement Grouting and Post Tensioning -Hauser Lake Dam, Montana

Author(s): Peter Yen

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 83


Appears on pages(s): 153-172

Keywords: anchorage (struc construction; concrete dams stabilization ; strengthenin tural); ; grout; g. cements; cold weather PP grouting; post-tensioning;

Date: 10/1/1984

Hauser Lake Dam, a concrete gravity structure originally constructed in 1911, is located on the Missouri River fourteen miles north of Helena, Montana. Based on stability analyses performed in 1978, remedial post tensioning was recommended in order to increase the dam's better withstand forces associated with se in 1979, fifteen vertical holes were drill the dam into the quartzite bedrock to a ma in order to install 55 strand tendons. Le gravel-sand mixture indurated with silt, a and inflowing water were encountered benea Cement grouting was performed to stabilize reduce the permeability of the tendon hole factor of safety to ismic events. Beginn ed through the body o ximum depth of 180 fe nses consisting of a s well as weathered r th the dam foundation these lenses and to ing f et, ock s. Because construct ion continued through the winter, special techniques were used for drilling, tendon installation, grouting and post tensioning, in ambient temperatures ranging to minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit.