Drilled Pier Foundation Rehabilitation Using Cement Grouting


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Title: Drilled Pier Foundation Rehabilitation Using Cement Grouting

Author(s): Charles V. Logie

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 83


Appears on pages(s): 61-84

Keywords: foundations; grouting; piers; pressure grouting; repairs; strengthening.

Date: 10/1/1984

Results from load testing of one-meter-diameter drilled concrete piers showed that the majority of the piers designed as foundation support for the 37-story Jakarta Mandarin Hotel failed to meet load test criteria. The potential causes for load test failure and the load deflection characteristics of the piers were investigated. A layer of unconsolidated sediment of varying thickness was encountered between the pier tips and the bearing strata. Extensive coring through the pier shafts was undertaken to develop data to statistically characterize the thickness and spatial distribution of the unconsolidated sedi-ments. A rehabilitation technique was developed which con-sisted of flushing the sediments from the pier tips utilizing high pressure water jets followed by subsequent cement grouting of the resulting voids. The technique was developed so that production rehabilitation could be practically and reliably achieved. The rehabilitation mechanism filled the void space created in the unconsolidated sediments with grout. The grout intruded and compacted the coarser sediments which remained in the voids. Load testing of the rehabilitated piers showed compli-ance with load testing criteria.