Curing Technology at the Faroe Bridges, Denmark


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Title: Curing Technology at the Faroe Bridges, Denmark

Author(s): H-H. Gotfredsen and G.M. Idorn

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 95


Appears on pages(s): 17-32

Keywords: bridges (structures); concretes; curing; heat of hydration; measurement; quality control; strains; temperature

Date: 10/1/1986

The construction of the Faroe Bridges between Sealand and Falster in Denmark was completed early 1985. The project inclu-ded the placement of about 42,000 m3 of concrete for the substruc-tures of the bridges. Monitoring the curing of the concrete was an essential part of the efforts invested to assure satisfactory dura-bility of the structures. The operations included: I. Pre-calculations of the heat and strength (maturity) develop-ment after placing concrete in critical sections. The require-ments to be complied with were (1) maximum temperature, (2) maximum temperature differences in the concrete, and (3) at-tainment of sufficient maturity before form-removal. II. Site-control with continuous recording of the temperature de-velopment at essential positions in the concrete, including assessment of the strength development. Means for moderating the predetermined course of the curing, in case of unacceptab-le deviations, were used. The expenses for monitoring curing technology were deemed reason-able in view of the directly documented assurance that the requi-red quality of the concrete in the structures was obtained.