Remote Sensing Techniques Applied to Bridge Deck Evaluation


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Title: Remote Sensing Techniques Applied to Bridge Deck Evaluation

Author(s): James T. Kunz and Jerry W. Eales

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 88


Appears on pages(s): 237-258

Keywords: bridge decks; deterioration; evaluation; infrared thermal detectors; radar; reinforcing steels; remote sensing; thickness

Date: 11/1/1985

Thermal infrared and ground penetrating radar remote sensing technologies have been applied to the non-destructive evaluation of existing concrete bridge decks. Delaminations in a concrete bridge deck can be identified rapidly and effectively with the use of a thermal infrared scanner. This technique pro-vides an efficient and economical alternative to traditional sounding techniques utilized to identify delamination. The thermal infrared technique can be used to identify delaminations on exposed concrete bridge decks and decks overlaid with asphalt. Ground penetrating radar can be utilized to rapidly identify and evaluate various bridge deck conditions. The equipment can be used to measure deck thickness, identify thin, weakened areas and determine the position of reinforcing steel within the deck.