Mechanical Properties of PIC Impregnated and Polymerized Under High Pressure


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Title: Mechanical Properties of PIC Impregnated and Polymerized Under High Pressure

Author(s): Yu Feixiong and Huang Yiun-yuan

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 89


Appears on pages(s): 161-176

Keywords: compressive strength; impregnating; methyl metha-crylate-; microhardness; polymerization; polymer-portland cement-concrete; porosity; pressure.

Date: 12/1/1985

A PIG of 2400 kg/cm 2 compressive strength is obtained by use of an ordinary cement mortar of 600 kg/cm2 compressive strength (W/C = 0.5, S/C = 2.5 : 1 by wt.) as matrix and MMA as its impregnant with impregnation and thermal catalytic polymerization under high pressure up to 200 atmospheres. Using the same materials, the compressive strength of the PIC obtained with ordinary impregnation is only 1600 kg/cm2. The polymer loadings of the former and the latter PIC are 9.2% and 7.5% respectively. The following contribute to the super-high compressive strength of this PIC: (1) Minimizing the effect of residural air; (2) Overcoming the airblock effect due to ink-bottle-shaped pores during impregnation; (3) Reducing the effect of shrinkage of impregnant during polymerization; and (4) Increasing the interfacial area and adhesive power between matrix and polymer.