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Title: Stresses of High-Strength Concrete Due to Autogenous Shrinkage Combined with Hydration Heat of Cement

Author(s): Ryoichi Sato, Ming Xu and Yang Yang

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 172


Appears on pages(s): 837-852

Keywords: creep properties; finite element method; heat of hydration; high-strength concretes; stresses

Date: 12/1/1999

The autogenous shrinkage strain and restrained stress due to autogenous shrinkage and heat of hydration effects in high strength concrete were investigated experimentally. It was clear that at early age the autogenous shrinkage strains develop more rapidly in concrete without the admixture, and in concrete containing silica fume, than in concrete containing blast-furnace slag. The final autogenous shrinkage strains in concrete containing blast-furnace slag are largest, and are smallest in concrete without admixtures. The autogenous shrinkage strains under the environment with temperature of 40 “C develop faster at early age and slower in the late than 20 “C . In correspondence with autogenous shrinkage, the stresses due to autogenous shrinkage in concrete containing blast-furnace slag is greatest. The restrained stresses due to autogenous shrinkage in concrete tends to be smaller at early age and to be greater in the late at 20°C than that at 40°C. The numerical analysis results by FEM agreed comparatively well with experimental stresses.


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