High-Performance Concrete Mixture Proportioning


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Title: High-Performance Concrete Mixture Proportioning

Author(s): K.G. Sobolev and S.V. Soboleva

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 179


Appears on pages(s): 421-438

Keywords: compressive strength; high-performance concrete; mix proportioning; silica fume; slump; superplasticizers

Date: 6/1/1998

The report generalizes the results of wide range investigations of silica fume based superplasticized high- performance concrete. The rules of the strength and rheological behavior of cement silica fume - super-plasticizer systems are discussed. Usage of optimal superplasticizer to silica fume ratio (as 1: 10) allows to obtain ultra-dense packing for super fluid cement paste and provides high-performance properties of concrete. The mathematical models of fresh and hardened high-performance concrete based on processing and computerizing empirical results are created. The models provide a calculation of W/C required for the target compressive strength level up to 130 MPa as well as mixing water quantity for planning slump of 0 - 200 mm. For modelling purpose, concrete slump is considered as a function of aggregates proportioning, and volume and fluidity of cement paste. This approach became a basis of proposed high- performance concrete mixture proportioning method. Further, developing and integration of the mathematical models created a new computer program for high-performance concrete mixture proportioning. The program provides a solution for wide range design and optimization projects. The results of the computer program estimation can be easily transferred to any 3- dimensional plotting or data base program for consequent processing and performing.