Mixture Proportions of High-Strength and High-Fluidity Lightweight Concrete


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Title: Mixture Proportions of High-Strength and High-Fluidity Lightweight Concrete

Author(s): K. Fujii. M. Kakizake, H. Edahiro, Y. Unisuga and Y. Yamamoto

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 179


Appears on pages(s): 407-420

Keywords: air-entraining agents; high-strength lightweight concrete; mechanical properties; mix proportioning; water reducing agents

Date: 6/1/1998

Meeting the needs of urban development, high strength concrete has made remarkable progress where the standard concrete strength of 60 MPa level is attained with the help of high performance AE water-reducing agents. High strength lightweight concrete could be more advantageous with respect to the reduction of dead load and resulting construction cost reduction, and has been successfully applied to marine concrete constructions. This paper deals with the high strength, high fluidity lightweight concrete with bulk densities from 1.8 to 2.0 t/m3 and compressive strength from 60 to 90 MPa manufactured with belite-rich low heat cement and silica fume cement, and discusses the influences of materials and mixture proportions upon the properties of fresh and hardened concretes. Compressive strength with a water-cement ratio of 0.23 was 65 to 79 Mpa when silica fume blended cement was used, and was 59 to 68 MPa when belite-rich low heat cement was used.