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Title: A Major Research Program on Steel-Concrete- Steel Sandwich Elements

Author(s): George C. Hoff

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 174


Appears on pages(s): 37-88

Keywords: Concrete sandwich panels; cost optimization; cylinders; fatigue tests; marine structures; panels; shear; structures; studs

DOI: 10.14359/5958

Date: 4/1/1998

This paper describes a large research project which was conducted to develop experimental data on composite structural elements consisting of a steel-concrete- steel (S-C-S) sandwich using headed studs to transfer shear within the composite element. This form of construction may be used as an alternative to either stained steel plate construction or reinforced concrete construction. The principal focus of the work was on marine structures such as arctic offshore drilling structures, tidal barrages, floating structures and submerged tube tunnels. Three distinct categories of structural elements were evaluated: cylinders, flat panels and curved panek’junctions. A total of 59 tests were conducted on large structural elements. The tests included composite cylinders under static axial, static radial and impact loads, flat panels under static in-plane axial, static out-of-plane bending fatigue out-of-plane bend, and static in-plane shear loads, and curved and junction panels under combined axial and bending loads. A 1: 10 scale was chosen for the cylinder tests and a 1:4 scale was used for all other flat and curved panels. To aid researchers and designers doing work on similar types of elements, descriptions of the test specimens, method of specimen preparation and test procedures are given in the paper. The experimental results will be available for release in 1998.


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