High-Strength Concrete Beam-Column Joints of Moment Resisting Frames


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Title: High-Strength Concrete Beam-Column Joints of Moment Resisting Frames

Author(s): R. Park, H. Tanaka and X.2. Xin

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 176


Appears on pages(s): 357-378

Keywords: Beams (supports);bonding; columns (supports); ductility; earthquake-resistant structures; reinforced concrete; shear properties; strength

Date: 10/1/1998

The changes to the seismic design provisions of the revised New Zealand concrete design standard, NZS 3101:1995, for beam-column joints to allow for high strength concrete are outlined. The changes include bond equations for bars passing through beam-column joints to take into account concrete strength and other factors, and new shear equations for the design of horizontal and vertical shear reinforcement. The results of simulated seismic load tests conducted on one-way interior beam-column joints constructed of normal and high strength concrete with concrete compressive cylinder strengths ranging between 31 and 61 MPa are also briefly described. The changes to the revised standard and the tests indicate that there are advantages in using high strength concrete in moment resisting frames.