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Title: Effect of Aluminum Oxide-Isocyanate Coating Material for the Protection of Steel Reinforcement in Concrete against Corrosion

Author(s): H.-Y. Moon, S.-S. Kim, and H.-S. Kim

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 193


Appears on pages(s): 229-242

Keywords: adhesion; carbonation; coating; durability; strength; test

Date: 8/1/2000

One of ways to improve the durability of the reinforced concretete structures is sealing with various coating materials on the surface of the concrete that represses the penetration of moisture, chloride ions and carbon dioxide gases which may cause the reduction of durability. Up to now epoxy and urethane-based coating materials are widely used for coating. However, these amterials have the characteristics of poor crack bridging, large thermal expansion and vulnerable color by ultraviolet rays. Also their coating effect depends on application methods that it is dubious of maintaing long-term durability so the development of new alternative coating materials is in demand.Test were performed on an aluminum oxide-isocyanate-based material for coating in order to improve the weather resistance, adhexiveness to concrete surface, resistance of chloride penetration and carbonation by forming the aluminum oxide coating on the surface. Aluminum oxide-isocyanate-baced coating material is compared with other coating materials, and shows higher color retention against ultraviolet rays and resistance of chloride penetration and carbonation and protection of reinforcing steel against corrosion.


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