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Title: Study of Electrochemical Rehabilitation of Chloride Contaminated Reinforced Concrete

Author(s): K. Ishibashi, M. Kanda, Y. Furukawa, and T. Mihara

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 193


Appears on pages(s): 139-150

Keywords: cement; concrete; deterioration; hydration; rehabilitation; silicate

DOI: 10.14359/5818

Date: 8/1/2000

Recently, various electrochemical rehabilitation methods, such as desalination, re- alkalization and electro-deposition, have been developed in order to recover deteriorated concrete due to chloride ion or carbonation, and to improve the durability of reinforced concrete structures. However, there is not sufficient information about the influence of these methods on hydration reaction of cement matrix. From this point of view, the authors studied about desalination; relationship between cumulative current and removal of chloride ion, and influence of desalination treatment on hydration reaction of cement matrix with the aid of solid-state 29Si-NMR spectroscopy. The results show that the amount of chloride removed and the charge efficiency depend on the initial chloride content and cumulative current. From 29Si-NMR analysis of specimens which were stored for 4 years after desalination treatment under condition of 20°C and 60%R.H., the ratio of higher-condensed silicates varied depending on the cumulative current during desalination. It became obvious that desalination process influences hydration re cement silicates. action of


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