Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Using Super Low Contractile Admixture


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Title: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Using Super Low Contractile Admixture

Author(s): K. Imai, M. Hayashi, T. Tamaki, and H. Tanaka

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 190


Appears on pages(s): 183-202

Keywords: super low contractile admixture; NSR; AR glass fiber; fiber-reinforced concrete; GFRC-NSR; acceler-ated aging; durability; flex anchor; bending strength; freeze-thaw resistance; low shrinkage

Date: 4/1/2000

The use of GFRC using the low shrinkage, low alkaline cement for GFRC (CGC) in construction projects has recently been increasing in Japan because of its high durability of bending strength and its excellent dimensional stability. In the case of GFRC using CGC, however, rather strict steam curing condi-tion is necessary when it is manufactured. On the other hand in the case of GFRC using the super low contractile admixture (NSR), no special cure is necessary. NSR consists of calcium aluminate and inorganic sulfate. GFRC-NSR is composed of ordinary port-land cement, NSR and water-quenched blast furnace slag. GFRC-NSR also shows excellent bending strength and dimensional stability. This paper describes optimum mixture proportions of GFRC-NSR and various properties of GFRC-NSR such as bending strength after hot-water accelerated aging, bending strength after dry-wet cycles accelerated aging, drying shrinkage, change in length after dry-w-et cycles, freeze-thaw resis-tance, and pull-off strength of flex anchor.