Behavior of High-Strength Concrete


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Title: Behavior of High-Strength Concrete

Author(s): R. H. Scott, S. J. Hamil, and P. S. Baglin

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 186


Appears on pages(s): 699-714

Keywords: beam-column connections; high-strength concretes; steel fibers

Date: 5/1/1999

Results from tests on eight high strength concrete external beam-column connection specimens are presented an compared with results from a similar set of normal strength concrete specimens. The number of connection zone column ties was varied from zero up to a total of seven. The technique of internally strain gauging the reinforcement was used to measure strains in the main beam and column reinforcement. Additionally, connection zone column ties were also strain gauged in the eight specimens which had one or three such ties in the connection zone. Results are presented to illustrate the performance several are present. Twelve other specimens were tested. Nine sued normal strength concrete augmented with steel fibres whilst the other three used non-standard reinforcement details involving steel plates. Results are presented to compare the performance of these specimens with those using high strength concrete.