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Title: Bond Influence on Rotation Capacity of High-Strength and and Normal Strength Beams

Author(s): I. A. E. M. Shehata, L. A. Ventorini, and L. C. D. Shehata

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 186


Appears on pages(s): 231-252

Keywords: bond; continuous beams; high-strength concretes; moment redistribution; normal strength concretes; rotation capacity

Date: 5/1/1999

The characteristics of the steel and the concrete have been changing over the years and this has led to the necessity of new studies on how rotation capacity and the degree of moment redistribution in continuous beams can be affected. Among the factors that have influence on the behaviour of plastic hinges, one could mention the material dependent parameter: steel strength and ductility, concrete strength and bond quality. This work is part of a study on moment redistribution in continuous beams that aimed to verify the effect of bond on the comparisons, normal strength concrete (NCS) beams were also tested. The results of this work have indicated an effect of bond on the plastic rotation capacity of both HSC and NSC beams. As for the plastic hinge length, no effect has been detected, but this should be further investigated.


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