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Title: SCC Without Unintended Properties

Author(s): MacDonald

Publication: Web Session



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Date: 3/27/2022

The use of SCC in structures offers many benefits. Among these are the ability to pass congested reinforcement without segregation, to fill forms in areas that are blind to the finished work, to allow a reduction in placing labor and to reduce the risk of poor consolidation. In some cases, however, the design of Self Consolidating Concretes can result in new problems. When large quantities of binder are used for their viscosity properties the resulting concrete may have excessive shrinkage, heat evolution and high permeability. In addition, the sustainable aspects of the materials, both in the construction and the use phase, can be enormously affected. The method of design of the fluid mixture properties will dictate how well the workability, strength, economy, and shrinkage goals of mixture design will be met. The presentation will address the design of SCC where limiting the paste volume is a key performance criterion, using examples from projects constructed over the past 20 years with SCC and cementitious contents as low as 500 lb./cy.