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Title: Effects of Masonry Infill Retrofit with FRP Materials on the Seismic Behaviour of RC Frames

Author(s): Gianni Blasi, Daniele Perrone, and Maria Antonietta Aiello

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 356


Appears on pages(s): 191-202

Keywords: FRP; infilled frames; nonlinear analysis; open sees; retrofitted infill; seismic performances

DOI: 10.14359/51737271

Date: 10/1/2022

The damage to infill walls caused by earthquakes often represents a major safety issue in reinforced concrete buildings. For this reason, masonry infill retrofit is increasingly adopted in high seismic hazard countries to increase the in-plane capacity of the walls and to avoid out-of-plane failure modes. On the other hand, the infill strengthening might significantly modify the seismic performance of the buildings, influencing the failure modes and the global ductility. Recent studies assessed that the enhancement of the in-plane strength of the infill can cause brittle failure in lightly shear reinforced columns. In this study, non-linear analyses are performed on reinforced concrete framed buildings to investigate the influence of the infill strengthening and column shear reinforcement on seismic performance. A three-dimensional numerical model is developed to assess the seismic capacity and the failure modes depending on the frame’s and infill’s details. The proposed study aims to encourage a smart design of the infill retrofit, geared toward a global performance enhancement rather than the mere strengthening of the single infill wall.