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Title: Probabilistic Seismic Risk Assessment of Concrete Bridge Piers Reinforced with Ni, Cu, and Fe-Based Shape Memory Alloys

Author(s): Meraj Rubayat Kamal

Publication: Web Session



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Date: 3/28/2022

This research presents the probabilistic seismic risk assessment of concrete bridge piers reinforced with different types of SMA (e.g., Ni-Ti, Cu-Al-Mn, and Fe-based) rebars. To achieve this objective, the bridge piers are designed following a performance-based approach. Ground motions with different probable earthquake hazard scenarios at the site of the bridge piers are considered. Probabilistic seismic demand models are generated using the response parameters obtained from incremental dynamic analysis. Considering maximum drift and residual drift as demand parameters, fragility curves are developed for five different SMA-RC bridge piers. Finally, seismic hazard curves are generated in order to compare the mean annual rate of exceedance of different damage states of different bridge piers. It is observed that all the bridge piers perform according to the design objective, and the performance of SMA-RC piers is significantly affected by the type of SMA used. The results show that all the SMA-RC piers have very low probability of collapse at the maximum considered earthquake level.