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Title: Using Metakaolin for Enhancing Durability and Mitigating Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) in Concrete

Author(s): Frank Ong

Publication: Web Session



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Date: 10/17/2021

Some of today’s concrete structures can be more complex than ever. In addition, concrete mixtures need to be designed to meet specific durability requirements based on the structure’s expected environmental exposure conditions. This can be challenging with some local concrete-making materials. A case in point might be alkali–silica reactivity (ASR) that can be a major concrete durability concern for a project. Current solutions to address ASR may not always be applicable, economical, or sustainable. Transporting quality, non-reactive aggregates long distances to a project in lieu of using locally available reactive aggregates might address the ASR concern but will not be ideal in terms of economics. Other ASR mitigating options such as fly ash may be limited in availability and lithium-based chemical admixtures can sometimes face supply chain challenges. This presentation will provide information and test data on the use of metakaolin in concrete, another alternative for mitigating ASR. Metakaolin can also help meet other durability, sustainability, and performance requirements. The practical application of metakaolin use in concrete in two unique, and demanding projects will be shared.