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Title: Effect of Morphological Characteristics on the Viscosity of Cementitious Materials: Optimization of the Rheological Behavior of Ternary Cements

Author(s): O. Ahmadah, H. Bessaies-Bey, A. Yahia, and N. Roussel

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 349


Appears on pages(s): 533-540

Keywords: morphological properties, optimisation, rheology, ternary blended cements

DOI: 10.14359/51732770

Date: 4/22/2021

Low environmental impact binders, in which clinker is partially substituted by less reactive powders, are used in proportioning low water-to-cement ratios mixtures to ensure higher compactness, low porosity and improved mechanical as well as durability properties. The use of relatively high solid volume fractions dramatically affects the workability of the mixture and affects its ease of placement and consolidation. Various superplasticizer types have been investigated in literature to control the rheological properties, although these admixtures considerably decrease the yield stress values, their effect on viscosity is moderate. The main objective of this investigation is to control the rheology of ternary cements by controlling the morphology of particles, which is the key parameter affecting the rheology of cementitious suspension. The test results on LC3 (i.e. 55% Portland cement + 30% calcine clay + 15% Limestone) and CEM II/B-M (S-LL) (i.e. 65% Portland cement + 20% Slag + 15% Limestone) ternary binders revealed that the optimization of the particlesize distribution and the maximum packing fraction of the powders leads to a considerable decrease of both viscosity and yield stress by 20% and 50%, respectively.