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Title: Mechanical characterization of fiber reinforced floor screeds: Influence of glass fibers on shrinkage and cracking mechanisms

Author(s): Chelha, F.; Alam, S. Y.; Bendimerad, A.Z.; Loukili, A.

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 343


Appears on pages(s): 70-79

Keywords: Shrinkage; glass fibers; self-compacting mortar; floor screed; cracking


Date: 10/1/2020

Self-compacting mortars and concretes for horizontal structures are cementitious mixtures that are both fluid and homogeneous, with the particularity of flowing under the effect of their own weight. Thanks to their homogeneous texture they offer the possibility of achieving good quality of finishing and many such advantages become the reason for their applications especially in slabs and floors. However, self-compacting mortars or concretes show considerable shrinkage and cracking problems when used in floors and slabs (Weiss et al., 1998). Because of their large moisture exchange surfaces, the floor screeds are subjected to significant drying effects and in particular plastic shrinkage. If the movements are restrained, the risk of cracking is high. In this respect the use of fibers is a good alternative to using reinforcement bars and welded wire mesh. Indeed on site a clear decrease in cracking caused mainly by the shrinkage can be observed as soon as the fibers are incorporated in the screed. This study is conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness and the effects of glass fibers on the control of cracking phenomena due to shrinkage by determining their mechanisms of action at young age. The study is carried out in two parts: Firstly, free shrinkage behavior is analyzed in the fiber reinforced floor screed. Secondly, the restrained behavior at young ages using recently developed uni-axial tensile testing machine is investigated.