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Title: Seismic Simulation of Bridges Considering Bending and Torsion Interaction

Author(s): Yang Yang

Publication: Web Session



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Date: 3/24/2019

Under design-level earthquakes, concrete columns of curved bridges have reportedly showed nonlinear behavior of interaction between the bending and torsional moments. Thus, to accurately evaluate the performance of curved bridges under earthquakes, it is necessary to incorporate the interaction behavior into computational models. However, currently little work has been reported in the literature, which includes finite element models involving 3D solid elements and user-developed fiber elements in open-source computing tools. The former one takes computational efforts for analysis considering multiple levels of earthquake records while the latter one is found not convenient to incorporate in popular analysis tools. This paper will employ technique to simulate the response of curved bridges with avoiding using solid elements or user-developed elements. Instead, truss or frame elements will be used to build a 3D truss to simulate the columns, which has been reported by the authors to be successful in simulating the behavior of individual columns under cyclic loading. This modeling and analysis technique will be presented through a case study on an as-built curved bridge. Results will also be presented to show its efficiency in the collapse analysis of curved bridges.