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Title: Execution of the maritime stages

Author(s): Hué García, F.; López Navarrete, D.; Peset González, L.; Troya Gozálvez, L.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 53

Issue: 225

Appears on pages(s): 139 - 165



Date: 1/5/2002

7.1. Watertight tests The tests during the various stages are described according to the different compartments of the structure and the construction stage to verify that it remained watertight. 7.2. Filling the basin and floating the dock The system used, with a siphon from the sea, is described, together with the entire process followed until the caisson was floated inside the basin. 7.3. Dredging the entrance to the basin In order to demolish the West Entrance and perform the necessary dredging work, the necessary geotechnical studies and geophysical reconnaissance work was performed to assure the success of the opening operation within a very tight time frame, included within the summer window for transport to Monaco. 7.4. Operations at sea The following stages of these operations are described in this chapter: ? Mooring of the floated dock ? Manoeuvre to exit the basin ? Intermediate mooring in Algeciras Bay ? Ballast for towing ? Transport to Monaco in accordance with the execution project, and preparation of the necessary installations for the manoeuvres involved 7.5. Operations in Monaco First, following the final approach, the dock was provisionally moored. The auxiliary items that had to be fitted onto the dock to connect the ball joint and the land abutment are described. Finally, details of the final operation to couple the ball joint to the abutment are given. 7.6. Finishing the works in Monaco The following tasks are described: ? Disassembly of auxiliary coupling equipment and structures ? Installation of anodes for cathode protection ? Finishing of certain parts of the works: road tunnel, ventilation ducts, fender installation, re-injection of concrete joints, etc.

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