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Title: Stress distribution in slender steel-webs considering local buckling

Author(s): Costa Vilarrasa, J.; Mirambel Arrizabalaga, E.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 47

Issue: 199

Appears on pages(s): 37 - 51



Date: 1/1/1996

Due to initial imperfections and buckling, slender webs of plate girders may undergo relatively large out-of-plain displacements. This displacements, induce secondary bending stresses given by the beam theory. The secondary bending stresses, raises the magnitude of principal surface stress range at the welded web flange and web stiffener boundaries even under service loading. The magnitude of these stresses and their repeated loading can result in premature fatigue cracks and lead the girder to failure. In this paper, the importance of this fenomena is studied by means of a numerical model based on the finite element method. Principal surface stress distribution at web boundaries is analysed in the precritical and postcritical range.

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