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Title: Damages appeared in the Villalba-Adanero highway structures

Author(s): Morera, J.M.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 39

Issue: 169

Appears on pages(s): 93 - 99



Date: 1/8/1988

IBERPISTAS S.A., being owner of the Hughway Villalba Adanero, and so responsible for its maintance, carries out regularly the routing inspection of its structures, and periodically, each five years, carries out eh ""main inspection"" in accordance with the ""Recomendacioens para la conservación de obras pretensadas (H.P. 6-83)"" of the ATEP. What was detected initially as light faults or stains in the ruitine inspection, later, in a ""main inspection"" carried out with the ""footbridge FIP"", was cualified as light flakings and oxide stains. Considering this, was intended to palliate or to restrain these damages with measuers based on the evacuation of the waters in the road along the joints; but this operation is carried out in a superficial way and not exhaustively. During the ""main inspection"" in 1985, a quick evolution of these faults with concrete bursts and apparent reinforcements was recorded. By this reason the decision of carrying out a study in detail of causes and effects is taken for passing after to the action, That is to say, the reparation starts at the same time as the active and passive reinforcements were uncovered, and after to take note not only of their level of damage but the penetration of the Cl in the concrete and the level of its carbonatation.

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