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Title: Analysis of reinforced concrete elements with low reinforcement ratios subject to shear. Theoretical study proposal of an experimental program

Author(s): Pérez Caldentey, A.; Padilla Lavaselli, P.S.; Corres Peiretti, H.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 55

Issue: 233

Appears on pages(s): 103 - 118



Date: 1/5/2004

In this paper, an approximation to the problem of the shear capacity of reinforced concrete elements without transverse reinforcement is presented. The traditional design of this type of elements, which are characterized by their low reinforcement ratio, does not fulfil in many cases the requirements specified by the modern concrete standards. The problem is analyzed for a series of very common structures, thereby showing the existing discrepancy between professional practice and code requirements. This fact shows the need to carry out an in depth study in order to analyze the reasons for these differences. Within its framework, an experimental program is proposed.

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