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Title: Concrete opportunities in the investigation

Author(s): Manso Villalaín, J.M.; Setién Marquínez, J.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 57

Issue: 241

Appears on pages(s): 51 - 57



Date: 1/5/2006

Over recent years, modern steel manufacturing processes have begun to generate new types of industrial residues, the greater part of which in response to growing calls for sustainability must be reused. From among the various possible uses being studied, this article proposes the utilisation of Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) slag as dry filler in the manufacture of low tolerance concretes. Hence, the first step involved identifying the main attributes of EAF slag, following which six types of concrete mixtures all made using EAF slag were analysed and their physical and mechanical properties studied. The study concluded with an analysis of durability and environmental behaviour. On the basis of the final results, positive conclusions are reached on the use of this product in the manufacture of concrete and a number of recommendations are also made on its use.

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