Analysis of circular in plan bridges by the folded plate method


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Title: Analysis of circular in plan bridges by the folded plate method

Author(s): González Esteban, J. I.; Samartín Quiroga, A.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 38

Issue: 165

Appears on pages(s): 39 - 59


Date: 1/8/1987

The behaviour of circular in plan box section bridges, presents a complex problem of stress distribution. In order to make a correct study, it is necesary to have an analysis method that would be able to make a global approach to the structure behavior. The Folded Plate method is an effective and easy utilization procedure, valid for constant section structures. In this article an extention of the Folded Plate Method to this structural form is presented; also is includeda parametric study of the begavior of single cell box circular bridge.

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