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Title: The formal aspects of the prestressed bridges design. Some works

Author(s): Burón Maestro, M.; Ortiz Bonet, A.; Gómez Sanz, L.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 42

Issue: 179

Appears on pages(s): 115 - 124



Date: 1/3/1991

The bridge is visually analyzed in order to determine which are the elements that constitute it's image. These elements are essentially givin aesthetic quality to the bridge. The porportions are established under a formal point of view to be observed more clearly. As a hugh-quality building technology, the precast building industry offers a wide range of solutions for decks, columns, girders and wall piers. It combines effectiveness, fast and inexpensive assembly and it is highly aesthetic. Associating systematically the precasting industry with doubtful aesthetic answers is to limit oneself as a designer and to give up using the most rational way to raise a bridge. The higher the aesthetic cambition be, the more important is the use of the precasting pieces. The achievement of precasting bridges by PACADAR is an example of each of the aspects above mentioned. It offes many seriously studied solutions able to be used in the building of any bridge, being the results of fine formality.

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