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Title: Cadagua Junction. Launching, skidding, lowering and crane-aided positioning of five composite bridges

Author(s): Spengler, R.; Pulido Asín, N.; Pérez Valencia, R.; Gil Ginés, M. A.; Martínez Gutiérrez, J. M.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 64

Issue: 267

Appears on pages(s): 61 - 80

Keywords: composite bridges, launching, skidding, lowering, positioning by crane.


Date: 1/1/2013

The link, being part of the southern peripheral highway of Bilbao (Spain), is situated in the narrow valley of the Cadagua River. Due to the complex topographic situation of the link (beginning and ending at tunnels; situated above the river, two railways, two roads and one highway), there was little space available for constructing the five composite bridges (viaducts V1, V2, VR2, V3 y V4). Hence the steel girder boxes of two main viaducts were launched completely (V1 and V2), part of steel girder boxes of the lateral bridges were put in place before launching on them (V4 on V1 and VR2 on V2) and were launched together. Having finished the process of launching, the steel girder boxes of the lateral bridges were skidded and lowered to their final positions. Further positioning of steel girder boxes was carried out by crane and other auxiliary media (positioning of remaining parts of V4 and VR2, complete positioning of V3).

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