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Title: Fontejau's beidge over TEr river, in Gerona, external prestressing application

Author(s): Fernández Ordóñez, J.A.; Martínez Calzón, J.; Millanes Mato, F.; García-Miguel Morales, J.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 46

Issue: 195

Appears on pages(s): 65 - 78



Date: 1/1/1995

The new Fontejau bridge, has been designed and built with many aestethical and technical improvements. Special attention has been payed to piles, corniche, balustrade, lamppost, general view and colours, which result on a care urban bridge. As singular aspects in this structures can be mentioned: - Prefabrication, with high quality materials and finished, and extremely narrow section. And associated to: - Evolutive construction in concrete; structure and also section are successively completed, starting from pieces in U shape of handle weight and length. And, - Using the external prestressing technique to resist the, variable with time, normal efforts.

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