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Title: The structure of the ""Puerta de Europa"" towers

Author(s): Bofil de la Cierva, J.E.; Mateos Hernández-Briz, J.J.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 46

Issue: 196

Appears on pages(s): 103 - 112



Date: 1/3/1995

The project ""Puerta de Europa"", in Madrid, is composed by two sloped towers 115 m in height avobe the ground level. They have a slope of 14,3 degrees, that produces a displacement from ground level to roof of 30 m approximately. The structure is composed by a concrete services core and a system of steel beams and columns that due to the slope acts as a triangulated braced frame. The concrete core acting as a cantilever and the steel braced frame together, are the primary lateral force resisting system for both lateral wind foreces and those due to the slope. To control bending stresses a postensioning system has been built along back façade that acting on the top of the building reduces the lateral displacements.

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