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Title: A test method for to measure thermal deformations of cement mortar and of epoxy mortars

Author(s): Muelas Valdeolivas, E.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 40

Issue: 173

Appears on pages(s): 77 - 89



Date: 1/8/1989

The subjetc matter of this work has een the knowledge of the deformations caused by thermic variatiosn in specimens made of normalized mortar (RC-75) and in similars other made of epoxi resin mortar used as repair material for concrete structures. For to get away with it, we have to put on trial a new test method, that it is matter of to take the longitudinal variations and temperatures, simltaneously, from the prismatic specimens of 25 x 25 x 285 mm made of the test mortar. These specimens which are placed in a climatizated room (21 +- 1,5 º C and 50 +- 5% of HR), have been previously heated into an oven at 75 +- 5 º C, during 24 hours (thermic contraction test), or cooled into a freezer at 32 +- 3 º C under zero, during 3 hours (thermic dilatation test). Along this work, the equipment used, the process ad the obtained results are described in detail, finishing with some comments and conclusions about the influence on the results of the relative moisture in the test room. The whole work has been carried out in the Laboratorio Central de Estructuras y Materiales of CEDEX.

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