Study of the utilization of addition of fly ashes in the concrete technology


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Title: Study of the utilization of addition of fly ashes in the concrete technology

Author(s): Leiro López, A.; Mateo Sanz, B.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 44

Issue: 187

Appears on pages(s): 113 - 132


Date: 1/3/1993

This paper describes a research work financed by the Secreatría GEneral Técnica of MOPT that consists in the manufacutre of mortars and concretes with some fly ashes selected from the Spanish powerplants, using two types of cements (I, I-O); and the performance of experimental tests with the purpose of studying their evolution, in standard conditions as well as in different aggressive environments. In addition to the physicochemical tests for the characterization of fly ashes, several alternatives of studying their pozzolanity are also mentioned. One of these alternatives consists in the utilization of the thermogravimetrical analysis. Finally, this paper also shows the results obtained so far. From such results it can be deduced that,. although the behavior of the selected fly ashes has been satisfactory, their utilization requires a series of cares because they are industrial by-rpoducts from we have no uniformity guarantee a priori. Besides that they originate significant effects in concretes and mortars, in plastic state (rheology) as well as in its ghardness and durability.

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