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Title: Progressive Collapse of Exterior Reinforced Concrete Beam–Column Sub-assemblages: Considering the Effects of a Transverse Frame

Author(s): Omid Rashidian, Reza Abbasnia, Rasool Ahmadi, and Foad Mohajeri Nav

Publication: IJCSM

Volume: 10

Issue: 4

Appears on pages(s): 479–497

Keywords: progressive collapse, reinforced concrete beams, experiment, alternative load path, finite element analysis

DOI: 10.1007/s40069-016-0167-2

Date: 12/30/2016

Many experimental studies have evaluated the in-plane behavior of reinforced concrete frames in order to understand mechanisms that resist progressive collapse. The effects of transverse beams, frames and slabs often are neglected due to their probable complexities. In the present study, an experimental and numerical assessment is performed to investigate the effects of transverse beams on the collapse behavior of reinforced concrete frames. Tests were undertaken on a 3/10-scale reinforced concrete sub-assemblage, consisting of a double-span beam and two end columns within the frame plane connected to a transverse frame at the middle joint. The specimen was placed under a monotonic vertical load to simulate the progressive collapse of the frame. Alternative load paths, mechanism of formation and development of cracks and major resistance mechanisms were compared with a two-dimensional scaled specimen without a transverse beam. The results demonstrate a general enhancement in resistance mechanisms with a considerable emphasis on the flexural capacity of the transverse beam. Additionally, the role of the transverse beam in restraining the rotation of the middle joint was evident, which in turn leads to more ductile behavior. A macro-model was also developed to further investigate progressive collapse in three dimensions. Along with the validated numerical model, a parametric study was undertaken to investigate the effects of the removed column location and beam section details on the progressive collapse behavior.