Seismic Performance of Exterior RC Beam–Column Joints Retrofitted using Various Retrofit Solutions


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Title: Seismic Performance of Exterior RC Beam–Column Joints Retrofitted using Various Retrofit Solutions

Author(s): Gia Toai Truong, Ngoc Hieu Dinh, Jong-Chan Kim, Kyoung-Kyu Choi

Publication: IJCSM

Volume: 11

Issue: 3

Appears on pages(s): 415–433

Keywords: seismic retrofit, exterior concrete beam–column joints, head re-bars, carbon fiber reinforced polymers, haunches, steel jackets.

Date: 9/30/2017

Beam–column joints in existing concrete buildings might not satisfy the design requirements for seismic reinforcement details specified in current seismic design codes. Thus, in this study, various retrofit solutions for existing exterior beam–column joints with non-seismic details were developed: head re-bars anchoring, carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) wrapping, haunch retrofit element, and steel jacketing with various shapes and sizes. To investigate the seismic performance of exterior joints strengthened with the proposed retrofit solutions, seven half-scale exterior reinforced concrete beam–column joints including one control specimen and six retrofitted specimens were fabricated and tested under cyclic loading simulating earthquake loading. The test results showed that the proposed retrofit solutions could partially enhance the seismic capacity of the beam–column joints: steel jackets could increase deformation and load-carrying capacities; steel haunch elements could increase the load-carrying capacity, stiffness, and dissipated energy; and head re-bar anchoring and CFRP wrapping did not significantly effect on the seismic capacity of the beam–column joints.

IJCSM, International Partner Access.

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