Geopolymers Cured at Ambient Temperatures


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Title: Geopolymers Cured at Ambient Temperatures

Author(s): Daniela Hesselbarth, Thomas Moser, and Juerg Sturzenegger

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 320


Appears on pages(s): 44.1-44.14

Keywords: geopolymer, supplement materials, water glass, molar ratio, workability, performance characteristics

Date: 8/1/2017

Cement production is an energy-intensive process, responsible for a significant amount of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. Over the last years, geopolymers have been often promoted as an ecologically friendly alternative with low CO2 footprint. The presented work proposes curing of geopolymers at ambient temperature for application as construction materials. Different aluminosilicates like fly ash, metakaolin, slag and combinations thereof are evaluated as binders. Furthermore, the influence of alkali silicate activator (water glass), with respect to type and molar ratio, on the resulting geopolymer properties is investigated. This paper discusses characteristics of ambient temperature cured geopolymers, such as workability, mechanical, and physical properties. The achieved mechanical properties represent medium performance as well as high performance.