ACI 421.3R15: Guide to Design of Reinforced Two-Way Slab Systems


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Title: ACI 421.3R15: Guide to Design of Reinforced Two-Way Slab Systems

Author(s): Mustafa A. Mahamid

Publication: Web Session (Outdated)



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Date: 4/19/2016

Reinforced concrete slabs have a complex behavior and are vulnerable to different failure modes. In designing slabs, provisions for shear, shear reinforcement requirements, and moment transfer at the support is an area of continued research and advancement. Also, serviceability issues are important to the designers, especially with the advancement in materials used in concrete. Also, there have been new slab systems that have been introduced to the construction market during the last few years, such as voided slab systems; it is important to introduce design procedures and challenges to the structural engineering community. Due to the availability of many commercial software programs that are used in the analysis and design of reinforced concrete slab systems, this course will also highlight the important practical issues that need to be considered by engineers. As concrete slabs are the most widely used floor systems, it is essential to highlight the recent advancements in the analysis and design of these systems. This session focuses on the recent developments, research, practical analysis and design issues, and serviceability issues encountered in studies performed on reinforced concrete slabs and in practice. The course will be of interest to practicing engineers, university professors, manufacturers, and students.