Consolidation: A Little More than Just Putting a Vibrator in Concrete


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Title: Consolidation: A Little More than Just Putting a Vibrator in Concrete

Author(s): Eamonn F. Connolly

Publication: Web Session (Outdated)

Volume: aciu_2016_Connolly_CLMTJPVC.pdf


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Date: 4/20/2016

The purpose of the session is to show how consolidation needs to be reconsidered for the modern twenty-first century concrete mixtures. The presentations show the influence of concrete proportioning and workability on the consolidation energy necessary to successfully place concrete structures. The course will describe various issues concerning proper vibration and consolidating concrete that lead to consolidating concrete successfully and some problems that occur under poor consolidation. There will be a focus on flowable concrete and methods to properly consolidate. And there will be examples of the use of self consolidating concrete in various hard to otherwise consolidate members that were successfully placed with little imperfections or segregation.