Research on Using Fluorosilicate for the Enhanced Performance of Concrete


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Title: Research on Using Fluorosilicate for the Enhanced Performance of Concrete

Author(s): Wei Li, Yi Wang, Gao-ming Wang, Yu Shi, and Zi-ming Wang

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 303


Appears on pages(s): 293-300

Keywords: compressive strength; magesium fluosilicate; mixture fluidity; SEM analysis; setting time; XRD analysis

Date: 6/1/2015

Currently, despite the large production, only about 10% of the fluorosilicates, a by-product from the phosphate fertilizer factories can be recycled, leading to no economic benefits. Moreover, the only way to dispose of fluorosilicates is discharging it into water, bringing about water pollution. However, fluorosilicate can be used as a basic material to improve the strength and hardness and then enhance durability of concrete according to a certain volume-to-weight fraction. In this paper, the enhanced performance of fluorosilicate on concrete was studied via the setting time of cement, the fluidity and strength of mortar, the mixing performance and the strength of the concrete. The enhanced mechanism was analyzed by XRD and SEM methods.