Swedish Recommendations for Steel Fiber Concrete Overlays


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Title: Swedish Recommendations for Steel Fiber Concrete Overlays

Author(s): Johan Silfwerbrand

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 298


Appears on pages(s): 1-12

Keywords: Bridge decks, crack control, fiber concrete, overlays, recommendations.

Date: 6/5/2014

Despite that steel fiber concrete (SFC) has been used in concrete structures during more than 50 years there is still a lack of practical recommendations. In Sweden, SFC has been used in concrete overlays on bridges during more than 25 years but the usage frequency is fairly low. The current Swedish guidelines for SFC overlays are based solely on empirically determined relationships between the amount of conventional reinforcement for crack control and amount of fibers. In a recent study at the Swedish Cement and Concrete Research Institute, the current recommendations have been critically reviewed. The experience shows that this empirical recommendation works fairly well for traditional concrete mixes and for the most frequently used fibers but there is a need of recommendations that promote the development of better concrete mixes and more efficient fibers. In order to reach this goal, guidelines which are much broader in their application field need to be developed. A novel approach taking the mechanical properties of the actual SFC into account has been proposed. This approach may also be used for concrete with synthetic fibers if their mechanical and long-term properties are proven to be sufficient.