MCP-7(12): Manual of Concrete Practice Part 7 (2012)


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Title: MCP-7(12): Manual of Concrete Practice Part 7 (2012)


Publication: Technical Documents



Appears on pages(s): 1004


Date: 2/20/2012


Note: A newer version of this document exists. This document was replaced by MCP-7(13).

Contents: Part 7—ACI 543R-00 to ACI ITG-8R-10 543R-00 (Reapproved 2005) Design, Manufacture, and Installation of Concrete Piles; 544.1R-96 (Reapproved 2009) Report on Fiber Reinforced Concrete; 544.2R-89 (Reapproved 2009) Measurement of Properties of Fiber Reinforced Concrete; 544.3R-08 Guide for Specifying, Proportioning, and Production of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete; 544.4R-88 (Reapproved 2009) Design Considerations for Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete; 544.5R-10 Report on the Physical Properties and Durability of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete; 546R-04 Concrete Repair Guide; 546.2R-10 Guide to Underwater Repair of Concrete; 546.3R-06 Guide for the Selection of Materials for Repair of Concrete; 548.1R-09 Guide for the Use of Polymers in Concrete; 548.3R-09 Report on Polymer-Modified Concrete; 548.4-93 (Reapproved 1998) Standard Specification for Latex-Modified Concrete (LMC) Overlays; 548.5R-94 (Reapproved 1998) Guide for Polymer Concrete Overlays; 548.7-04 Test Method for Load Capacity of Polymer Concrete Underground Utility Structures; 548.8-07 Specification for Type EM Polymer Overlay for Bridge and Parking Deck Construction; 548.9-08 Specification for Type ES Polymer Overlay for Bridge and Parking Garage Structures; 548.10-10 Specification for Type MMS (Methyle Methacrylate Slurry) Polymer Overlays for Bridge and Parking Garage Decks; 549R-97 (Reapproved 2009) Report on Ferrocement; 549.1R-93 (Reapproved 2009) Guide for the Design, Construction, and Repair of Ferrocement; 549.2R-04 Report on Thin Reinforced Cementitious Products; 549.3R-09 Report on Glass Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Premix; 550.1R-09 Emulating Cast-in-Place Detailing for Seismic Design of Precast Concrete Structures; 551.1R-05 Tilt-Up Concrete Construction Guide; 551.2R-10 Design Guide for Tilt-Up Concrete Panels; 555R-01 Removal and Reuse of Hardened Concrete; ITG-4.1-07 Specification for High-Strength Concrete for Seismic Applications; ITG-4.2R-06 Materials and Quality Considerations for High-Strength Concrete in Moderate to High Seismic Applications; ITG-4.3R-07 Report on Structural Design and Detailing for High-Strength Concrete in Moderate to High Seismic Applications; ITG-5.1-07 Acceptance Criteria for Special Unbonded Post-Tensioned Precast Structural Walls Based on Validation Testing and Commentary; ITG-5.2-09 Requirements for Design of a Special Unbonded Post-Tensioned Precast Shear Wall Satisfying ACI ITG-5.1 (ACI ITG-5.2-09) and Commentary; ITG-6R-10 Design Guide for the Use of ASTM A1035/A1035M Grade 100 (690) Steel Bars for Structural Concrete; ITG-7.1-09 Specification for Tolerances for Precast Concrete; ITG-8R-10 Report on Performance-Based Requirements for Concrete. Includes Index of complete Manual of Concrete Practice. *Metric version available for this document at