Study of TBM excavation tunnel concrete construction in New Wuchieh diversion tunnel project


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Title: Study of TBM excavation tunnel concrete construction in New Wuchieh diversion tunnel project

Author(s): C. L. Lee, Y. C. Chun and C. F. Lin

Publication: TCI Concrete Technology

Volume: 5

Issue: 4

Appears on pages(s): 36-51

Keywords: concrete tunnel liner, diversion tunnel, high-range-water-reducing admixture TBM, telescopic form, water-cement ratio

Date: 10/20/2011

Drilling and Blasting Method was generally applied on mountain tunnel in Taiwan, and supplemented by adit for increasing the working face, in order to shorten the construction period. The construction of diversion tunnel of the Taiwan Power Company’s New Wuchieh Diversion Tunnel Project has been successfully used TBM excavation through, and it was the first time in Taiwan. For TBM excavation surface being smooth and for the long tunnel, it adopted the telescopic form for tunnel concrete lining, thus increases the lining construction efficiency largely. Although the telescopic form of construction can shorten the duration of concreting the tunnel lining, the placement of the lining concrete must pay great attention in accordance with the contract specification, in order to ensure meeting project requirements and engineering quality. This article describes the characteristic of telescopic form for TBM tunnel continual placement and the fast lining construction, the factors affecting concrete quality and the improvement countermeasures in New Wuchieh Diversion Tunnel Project, for similar tunnel engineering reference.
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