Concrete subjected to vibrations in early-ages


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Title: Concrete subjected to vibrations in early-ages

Author(s): Juliana Ferreira Fernandes, Túlio Nogueira Bittencourt, Paulo Helene

Publication: IBRACON

Volume: 4

Issue: 4

Appears on pages(s): 592 600

Keywords: mortar; concrete; rheology; slump test; yield stress.

Date: 10/10/2011

This study describes the early-age behavior of high-strength concrete made with high initial strength cement and exposed to an environment with vibrations. A sequence of tests is presented which includes the molding of concrete specimens subjected to traffic vibrations, as well as a mechanical characterization and steel-concrete bonding tests. Results indicated that early age concrete specimens subjected to vibrations undergo losses in tensile strength and in their modulus of elasticity. Such reduction in stiffness may have a negative impact on structural serviceability and result in higher deflections. Thus, a reduction in tensile strength should be taken into account when designing rigid floors, given that tensile strength is a key factor which guarantees the system’s durability. The effect of vibration on early-age concrete and its effects on properties which influence the structural behavior of the system are discussed.

Brazilian Institute of concrete, International Partner Access.

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