NZ Concrete Industry Conference - SKYCITY Convention Centre, Auckland


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Title: NZ Concrete Industry Conference - SKYCITY Convention Centre, Auckland


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Date: 9/1/2005

To order copies of NZCS conference and seminar publications, please complete the order form below and return with your payment to the NZCS, PO Box 12, Beachlands, Auckland 2147: Technical Papers - Order Form 20101 Session 1: Concrete Structures are Facing a Shift in Design Paradigm (Steen Rostam – Chairman, fib Commission 5 ‘Structural Service Life Aspects’) Function and Future Directions – the Department of Building and Housing (Katrina Bach – Department of Building & Housing) Session 2: Christchurch Womens Hospital – Base Isolation for Protection against the “Big Shake” (Clive Smith – Hawkins Construction; Gary Haverland – Holmes Consulting Group) The Many Designs of Otanerua Eco-Viaduct (Peter Lipscombe – Northern Gateway Alliance) Concrete Slabs on Ground – Two Recently Introduced Methods of Construction (Lindsay Mayo – Lesa Systems Ltd) Session 3: The 46 Storey Borgata Casino and Hotel Complex in Atlantic City (Jim Cagley – President, American Concrete Institute) Durability of Concrete in Waste Water Reticulation and Treatment Facilities – A Case Study (Sheldon Bruce/Sue Freitag – Opus International Consultants Ltd) Rehabilitation of the Eastern Interceptor – Repairs to a Live and Critical Auckland Sewer using High Performance Calcium Aluminate Concrete (Mark Kurtovich – BBR Contech; Jonathon Graham – WaterCare Services Ltd) The Influence of Axial Compression on the Elongation of Plastic Hinges in Reinforced Concrete Beams (Martin Cooper/Barry Davidson/Jason Ingham – University of Auckland) Session 4: Design and Construction of the First Ductal Bridge in New Zealand (Mark Rebentrost/Brian Cavill – VSL Australia) Influences of the Addition of Steel Fibres on the Spacing of Beams Transversal Reinforcement (Lusa Tuleasca/Paul Kite – UNITEC) Durability and the Impact of the Execution Process on the Useful Service Life of Concrete Structures (Steen Rostam – Chairman, fib Commission 5 ‘Structural Service Life Aspects’) Influences of Local Produced and Imported Reinforcing Steel on the Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Members (Chris Allington – Holmes Solutions; Des Bull – Holmes Consulting Group) Session 5: Construction of a Precast Concrete Building at Clandeboye (Mark Hedley/Mark Gerrand – Works Infrastructure) Controversial Aspects in Seismic Assessment and Retrofit of Structures in Modern Times: Understanding and Implementing Lessons from Ancient Heritage (Stefano Pampanin – University of Canterbury) Walking the Walk (John McDonald – H W Richardson Group Limited) Session 6: Concrete Construction in Vietnam: Case Study of the Manor Project HCMC (Anthony Dowden – Tse Group) Extension of the Queens Wharf, Lautoka, Fiji (Michael Buckland/Ray Hudd – Sika (NZ) Ltd) Moving Towards Sustainable Construction in New Zealand – Opportunities for Industry (Chris Purchas – Ministry for the Environment) Session 7: Hillary Field Centre Construction Project – Scott Base, Antarctica (Anthony Leighs – Leighs Construction Limited) Solutions for the Construction of Precast Segmental Bridges – Review of Sydney’s M7 Project and other Regional Applications (David Trayner/Brad Hannan – VSL Australia) Predicting the In-Plane Rocking Behaviour of Post-Tensioned Concrete Walls subjected to Earthquake Excitations (Quincy Ma/Gavin Wight/John Butterworth/Jason Ingham – University of Auckland) Experimental Investigation of Rigid Body Rocking (Mohamed ElGawady/Quincy Ma/Jason Ingham/John Butterworth University of Auckland) The Increased Sustainability of Australian Premixed Concretes (Robert Munn – University of New South Wales) Session 8: Load Capacity of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Slabs (Stefan Bernard – Tse Sydney) Raising the Tangiwai Bridge (Graeme Jamieson/Tony Mans – Bloxam Burnett & Olliver Ltd; Alan Irving – Smithbridge) Cementing New Zealand’s Position as Innovators in Concrete Construction (Paul Wymer – BBR Contech)

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